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Dermatological Services

Natural Beauty

Do you have a skin lesion concerning you, acne causing scarring on your face or a dermatological issue you would like checked out?  Our providers are knowledgeable in the most common dermatological conditions and have lots of experience performing biopsies and the removals of skin lesions including skin cancers and sebaceous cysts.  We also have access to the acne extractions, lasers and broadband light treatments offered at Déjà vu Skin and Health Center making coordination of services much easier and convenient.  A list of dermatological conditions and services offered here include:

  • Acne diagnosis and treatment using both medications including Accutane and acne extractions

  • Rosacea

  • Skin pre-cancer and skin cancer identification and treatment by either topical medications or removal

  • Removal of unwanted or bothersome skin lesions

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