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Injury & Illness Management

Doctor Examining Patient

Tripped over a lego and hurt your foot?  Cut your finger making an apple pie?  Have a fever, vomiting, or sneezing?  Our providers are capable of managing most acute conditions, have experience in emergency care and are dedicated in helping patients recover quickly.  We generally have same day appointments available for the care of your acute illnesses and injuries to avoid costly, time consuming urgent care and ER visits.  Some acute injury and illness management services offered here include:

  • Testing and treatment for influenza, strep throat, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and other respiratory illnesses. ​

  • Repair of minor injuries and lacerations including sutures and minor orthopedic management

  • IV hydration and medication/antibiotic administration for common illnesses such as the “stomach” flu, pneumonia, and cellulitis

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